Saturday, September 8, 2018

Ideas for Teaching Preschoolers Fire Prevention

Doing a fire prevention unit this fall? Try these two Printable Pre-K Products.
A full-size book that can be printed and laminated. Use it as a book or song cards as you teach this simple song set to "If You're Happy and You Know it". Also included a mini-book of the song that can be colored and folded for students to take home and sing with their parents.

Many early childhood teachers would like to have more music in the classroom. With so many other subjects to plan, taking the time to do the necessary planning for music can take a low priority. If the school has a music teacher the class usually gets to see him or her once a week, but what if that teacher came in daily?
Music Every Day lets you be the music teacher using simple and piggyback songs.

Fire Prevention Week teaches young children about fire safety, smoke alarms, crawling under smoke and using 911. Enjoy these simple movement and instrument songs set to familiar tunes with easy to learn lyrics.

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